Automation Process Discovery Services

Let's build your backlog and create the starting point for your automation journey.

Do you have repetitive, mundane, time consuming processes? Our process discovery service is conducted by our RPA experts with your business teams. We’ll analyze your business-critical processes and help you build a prioritized backlog which will lead to measurable benefits right out of the gate – think cost reduction, greater accuracy, and delivery speed. Get your automation journey started today!

Create a layer of automation with a digital workforce.

Our services are designed to ensure the success of your automation initiatives, from start to finish:

Workshop kickoff

Turn your business leaders into RPA champions by getting them educated on the benefits of RPA and help them understand which processes to get started with.

Process walkthrough

Have your experts walk through their target processes alongside our engineers. We’ll collect the data we need to put a roadmap for your automation journey.

Backlog review

We’ll walk you through your prioritized backlog on where to get started with RPA and the time and cost savings your team can expect at scale.

Take action with useful deliverables

Prioritized backlog

Our Process Analysis and Backlog Tracker toolset will provide insight into which automate-able processes to target first.

Value proposition

Keeping cost and time savings, complexity, and business criticality in mind, we’ll show you why taking action on automation will strengthen your business.

An energized team

Upon understanding the use of RPA technology, your team will look forward to not having to tackle mundane, repetitive, high-volume tasks again.