Investing in Custom Software

Discover if custom software is right for you!

If you are considering custom software for your organization, you most likely have questions — what benefits can custom software provide, how do I know if it is a good option for my organization, how much is it going to cost? Answers to all of these questions and more can be found in our E-book: Investing in Custom Software. We’ll run you through all of the things you should consider when deciding to invest in custom software, help you understand the impact this investment could have on your organization, and explain how cost and budget might be managed for your project. Just fill out the form on this page to download the e-book!

E-book Outline: 

  1. What is custom software?
    1. Defining Custom Software
    2. Types of Software
    3. Examples of Custom Software
  2. How do I determine if my organization should invest in custom software?
    1. Determine what benefits software could bring to your organization
    2. Evaluate your current software/tools/process
    3. Revisit your business goals
    4. Evaluate the ROI custom software could have at your organization
    5. Assess the timing
  3. How much does custom software cost?
    1. General Expectation of Cost
    2. How is my budhet managed? 
  4. How Mutually Human can help
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    about custom software.

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