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Key Questions Pro Developers Ask Themselves Before ever touching a line of code.

If you are considering creating any kind of application to make your business more efficient or to launch a product to disrupt an industry, you have come to the right place.

The keyQ software planner is a collection of questions you and your team need to work through before anyone touches a line of code.

By downloading this free planner, you will be guided through the process step by step. Let’s get started.

Key Questions

Organizational Summary

Clarify what your organization does, your competitors and customers.

Project Summary

Clarify the software you are making, why it needs to exists and more.

Business Imact

Clarify how this application will impact your business

User Value

Clarify the value the software will bring to the end-user's life.

Risky Assumptions

Clarify what your organization does, your competitors and customers.

Who will use the software

Determine key personas and what their biggest challenges are.

Feature Ideas

Which features could be in the application and what problem does it solve?

What could stand in Your Way?

What are risks or constraints that might get in the way?

Path to Adoption

How will you get people to use it?

Next Steps

What immediate next steps will you take to move forward?

What to Expect

You may be asking “Why should I take the time to work all this?” Clarity. When you can clearly articulate exactly why, what and how you are going to build something, it becomes closer to reality.

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About Mutually Human

Mutually Human is a custom software development company out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, that specializes in using human-centered design approaches to make applications that people actually want to use.

Clients Say


They have been able to demystify the complex world of custom software and present it in a way that allowed me to make informed business decisions.

Rob Dwortz

The entire process has been seamless and easy to navigate, even for someone who doesn’t know much of anything about apps.

Kendra Bylsma

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