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Custom Software Development

Your Software Should Be as Unique as Your Business.

Is your software no longer working for your organization?

When you are a rapidly growing business or you have a unique vision, off the shelf software may no longer work for you. It's time to build software that is specifically designed for your process and customer experience.

Doesn't work with our processes

Outgrowing our current software

We have too many errors

We are stuck in spreadsheets

Little to no visibility into our business

Our systems don't talk to each other

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Our work with the American Red Cross started in an interesting way. We met through an annual weekend-long event called Give Camp, where technology professionals, such as developers and designers, donate their time to a local non-profit in need. Having several people interested in volunteering for Give Camp, we decided to work with the American Red Cross and address the challenges they were facing.

Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Desktop Applications

Embedded Software

IoT Software

Cloud Software

We make applications that puts your user first.

At Mutually Human, we believe the user should be the center of the conversation. That is why we choose the technology based on your business needs and the user's behavior. This means that things just work and your users are happy and productive.
Van Andel

Blue Apple

Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI), a non-profit organization, partnered with Mutually Human to build a new, custom web application designed to provide teachers inquiry-based projects and professional development to help facilitate authentic experiences with students!

Blue Apple - Cloud Software

Free Consultation

What is your company all about? What challenges are you facing? What would you like to accomplish with custom software?

Custom Plan

What features will your software product include? What are the major milestones? How does the cost compare to the budget?

Design and Build

How will your software function? What will it look like? What do your users think?

Plan for the Future

How will your software adapt with your changing needs? How will it be supported?

Our Approach

At Mutually Human, we have a founding philosophy that informs every project we do. We don’t believe in technology for its own sake; we believe in technology for the sake of humanity. We think that all custom software should change the lives of its users for the better.

When we build your software, you can be sure that we aren’t focusing on low-impact features. We are creating a tool that will make interacting with your brand a positive experience for customers. We’re creating a resource that will allow your employees to focus on the true priorities of their positions. We’re designing a solution to make your organization more effective and more efficient, yes – but we also want to make your organization a better place.

What does our Free Consultation look like?

Concise Overview

of working with Mutually Human and the process of creating custom software. What can you expect? What is your role in the process?

Shared understanding

of your project and organization.

Goal assessment

What are your goals? What ROI do you expect the software to deliver? When do you expect these changes to launch?

User assessment

Who will use your software? What do they need to accomplish? How will you get them to use it?

Budget assessment

What can be done within your budget and how will your budget be managed?

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