Managed Data Services

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Transform data chaos into clarity and drive business innovation with our Managed Data Service. We consolidate your disparate data into a single, powerful data lake and provide dedicated access to our expert analysts every month. With regular strategic check-ins, comprehensive maintenance, and robust support all part of a fixed monthly fee, our service is designed to streamline your operations and enhance decision-making. Partner with us to harness the full potential of your data, ensuring your business stays ahead in a data-driven world.

Setup Service 


Connect data sources, consolidate data, establish performance monitoring and governance.


Setup includes one data source (ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc.)

Each additional data source is $10K.

Data lake design and implementation:
Architecture of a scalable, secure data lake.

Cloud services configuration:
Setup of cloud services, including storage accounts, compute resources, and networking configurations.

Data integration tools:
Setup of tools for data ingestion, ETL(extract, transform, load), and data integration.

  • Connect data sources to data lake and consolidate disparate data sources (any type – structured, raw, etc.)
  • Set up monitoring tools tailored to the client’s environment to track system performance and data integrity

Ongoing Service 


We are your data and analytics team.


Monthly cost for up to four data sources.

Each additional data source at $1,000 per month.

  • Fully hosted and secured in AWS or Azure
  • Up to 30 hours of dedicated time with a Data Analytics Consultant and Delivery Lead
  • Weekly progress review meetings
  • Monthly strategic roadmap session
  • Ongoing infrastructure optimization and data pipeline maintenance


Are software or licenses included in this service?

This service does not include any licensing to cloud service providers, data engineering platforms, or business intelligence tools.


One of the differentiators of our service is that we don’t require our clients to use our platform or a limited selection of tools. This also means that if you choose not to continue with the service, all of the tools and licensing are yours, and you aren’t locked in with us.


That being said, we are happy to provide guidance and recommendations and have partnerships with many companies in this space.

What technology platforms do you support?

We have developed close partnerships with many of the leading cloud providers, data engineering platforms, and business intelligence tools. Our team has expertise in a wide variety of platforms; here are some of the tools we commonly support:


  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure
  • Data Lakes / Data Warehouses: Microsoft OneLake (Fabric), Azure Data Lake, Snowflake, Databricks
  • Extract, Transport, Load (ETL): Alteryx, Azure Data Factor (ADF), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft Fabric, Spark, Java, C#, Python
  • BI & Visualization: Tableau, Qlik, MS PowerBI, Alteryx, SSRS/Paginated Reporting

While these are the platforms that we see most commonly, we have expertise in many others. Not seeing your platform? Let’s talk.

What if we need additional hours each month?

Our standard package includes 30 monthly hours with a Data Analytics Consultant and Delivery Lead. We also understand this may not be enough for some organizations and would be happy to put together a package specific to your needs.

What makes your services different than others?

Many providers have taken the approach of locking clients into their programs by controlling the tools and technology. We believe this limits the ability to retain control of your data. We leverage your data platform and licenses, ensuring flexibility. Should you lack the necessary tools, we offer expert guidance to evaluate options aligned with your budget and requirements. Rather than locking you in and limiting your flexibility, we prefer to continue to earn your business through outstanding service.


Our team has many years of specialized expertise to help you solve your most critical business challenges. We take our time hiring the right people and have assembled a team with a diverse range of skills—from very technical to business-minded. Because our team supports clients from various sizes and industries, we can help solve your problems by leveraging our knowledge of other businesses like yours.

Managed Data Services

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