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We provide software, data, and automation solutions that solve unique business challenges across many industries.

With a deep knowledge of software development and digital transformation, we offer innovative and effective solutions to help your business stay ahead of the game. By utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies, Mutually Human can create exceptional products that elevate user experience, improve productivity, and drive business growth. Working with Mutually Human means having a reliable partner that is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

Our team creates software that solves unique problems across platforms no matter the industry.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Quality Assurance with Part Check

a major manufacturing company grappling with manual quality assurance challenges, partnered with us to revolutionize their processes. Through three strategic stages, starting with data collection and process enhancement, transitioning to scoring and validation with machine learning, and culminating in the pursuit of automation and enhanced accuracy, we successfully overhauled their quality control system. The transformative Part Check solution not only led to significant efficiency gains, reducing time and effort in quality assurance, but also minimized human error, enabled continuous improvement, and provided a flexible implementation for a future-proof quality assurance system exceeding business expectations.

Cargo: Unified cloud-based platform supporting end-to-end business operations

A large shipping and logistics company offering a range of services including truckload delivery services and warehousing, was using a multitude of different applications, including manual processes, that were disconnected from one another. After launching Cargo, the company was able to increase efficiency in operational processes, reduce errors, eliminate the reliance on physical paper documents, and provide remote access to the system for employees and drivers.

Out of the Box App

The Institute of Excellence and Education partnered with Mutually Human to create a digital coaching platform offering micro content. The Out of the Box App allowed educators to meet students where they were – immersed in a digital world.

Blue Apple

Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI), a non-profit organization, partnered with Mutually Human to build a new, custom web application designed to provide teachers inquiry-based projects and professional development to help facilitate authentic experiences with students!

Media Hit Tracker

The American Red Cross reached out to Mutually Human to build a media hit tracker tool that enables them to measure the success of their media outreach campaigns by tracking and visualizing relevant metrics. By utilizing a custom software solution and collaborating with the client throughout the process, Mutually Human was able to deliver a highly effective and tailored tool that streamlined the client's workflow and improved their ability to analyze campaign performance.

RPA Bots for Salesforce – Streamlining Business Operations

This client is a global leader in the legal industry, providing technology services to streamline business operations and drive efficiency. With numerous large clients and ongoing acquisitions, they faced the challenge of managing diverse processes and practices while keeping up with the ever-growing data landscape. They needed to find a time and cost-effective solution to meet the demanding expectations of the digital world.

Understand Your Current Data Landscape and Data Roadmap with Data Discovery

A Software company in the healthcare space needed a solution that would help them understand their current data landscape and provide a roadmap on how to better leverage data.

Deploying a Loan Default Model via API for Credit Risk Assessment

Our data science team developed a loan default model to help lenders assess the risk of loan defaults and make informed decisions. By analyzing applicant data, our model provides an efficient scoring mechanism that accurately evaluates creditworthiness. The deployment of our model via API has proven valuable for financial institutions in managing credit risk effectively. This case study showcases our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive positive outcomes for our clients.

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