Updating and Expanding Your Software

Changing your software for the better.

You have software that works great for your business … or it used to, anyway. Now you’re thinking it may be time for an upgrade. With technology constantly and user’s expectations constantly changing, your software needs to be updated, expanded upon, and maintained if it is going to remain useful and relevant.

At Mutually Human, we’re no strangers to custom software renovation. In fact, {insert stat here}. We’ll listen to your current concerns, do some research of our own, conduct user tests, and add improved functionality to the foundation that you’ve already built.

How we update and expand:

Most developers can give you what you ask for — at Mutually Human, we’re committed to giving you what you really need. We ensure that your software renovation is all about you. See how below.

What we update and expand:

For more than a decade, we’ve helped organizations update and expand their software to better align with their needs and current industry trends. Right now, you might be looking to upgrade from an excel sheet to a custom database. You might want to add features to your software to match your organization’s changing processes. Or maybe your company is growing and you think your software should do the same. Whatever you situation, we can help you renovate your software.

Desktop software

Embedded Systems software

Web applications

IoT software

Mobile applications

Cloud software

Who we build it for:

With 200+ software projects under our belt, the question of who we help is a simple one: everyone. From nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, from marketing to operations - if there is a problem software can address, we’ll solve it. You can take a deeper look at some of the work we’ve done below.

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Your Free Consultation will be packed full of discussions, brainstorming, and hopefully, excitement. The meeting is designed to help uncover your challenges, define your needs, and outline possible solutions so you can make decisions that will lead to the business outcomes you desire.

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