Our Values

The Six Be’s

At Mutually Human, we strive to be mindful not only of the importance of what we do, but why we do it. In order to be better partners to our clients, better colleagues to each other, and better citizens of the industry, our culture is guided by a set of values we all share. We call them the Six Be’s:

  1. Be Human
  2. Be Growing
  3. Be Collaborative
  4. Be Positive
  5. Be Pragmatic
  6. Be All In

Each value is expanded upon below.

Be Human.

Everyone we work with — fellow Humans, our clients, and users of the software we build — are humans first. They are all whole people with hopes, dreams, and goals that extend far past “work”. We strive to be authentic and transparent in our interactions while recognizing everybody has both good and bad days. We are committed to treating each other the way we hope to be treated.

Some of the ways we show this value include:

  • We share openly and honestly, both the good and the bad.
  • We seek to understand the motivations and goals of those we interact with.
  • We celebrate accomplishments, and we provide support in times of need.

Be Growing.

In an ever-evolving business, in a rapidly-changing industry, standing still is not an option. We don’t settle for the status quo, because we know there’s a better way just ahead. Every Human takes responsibility for their professional and personal growth. We help others grow by teaching and sharing our knowledge. We take risks, embrace failure, push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and support one another as we all reach forward.

Some of the ways we show this value include:

  • We are invested in the growth of our fellow humans, Mutually Human, and the clients we serve.

  • We are consistently seeking ways to improve the speed and the quality of the work that we do.

  • We don’t shy away from new challenges, and view them as opportunities to improve.

  • We seek out feedback and use it to fuel our growth.

Be Collaborative.

We recognize that doing our best work often requires collaboration with others. We don’t let our pride prevent us from asking for help, and we jump at the chance to help someone else. As individuals we are confident. But as a team, we are unstoppable. Our diverse perspectives allow us to find a root cause, evaluate multiple options, and choose the best way forward.

Some of the ways we show this value include:

  • We seek to include other perspectives early and often.

  • We don’t let ourselves get stuck by recognizing it and reaching for help.

  • We recognize our unique contribution to the team and the unique contributions of those around us.

  • We seek input from the team and encourage everyone to share their perspective.

  • We encourage and invite everyone to share, especially those not typically comfortable grabbing the floor.

Be Positive.

We are often faced with new challenges, and we approach them with a positive, can- do attitude. We aren’t blind to the obstacles that exist, but we choose to focus on how we can overcome them. In fact, difficult problems energize us. We trust that everyone we work with is motivated by noble intent, and we approach disagreements with the goal of sharing and understanding.

Some of the ways we show this value include:

  • We approach problems asking “How can we accomplish this?”
  • We reject cynicism in favor of optimism.
  • We encourage teammates who are experiencing obstacles.

Be Pragmatic.

The number of good ideas far exceeds the time and budget available to execute on them. We owe it to ourselves and our clients to be good stewards of the resources available and spend our time wisely. We can’t make perfect the enemy of the good. The work we do must always be balanced against the value in provides.

Some of the ways we show this value include:

  • We find opportunities to deliver value as soon as possible.

  • We find ways to separate the “must have” from the “nice to have.”

  • We find ways to constrain before looking for ways to expand.

  • We double check our assumptions when our estimates and implementation begin to diverge.

  • We seek to understand the value, not just the effort.

Be All In.

Building complex software requires a team that trusts each other to get the job done. We are committed to doing our best for each other, our clients, and the people who use the software we create. We make our team strong by doing what we say. We prize the success of the team above the success of the individual.

Some of the ways we show this value include:

  • We bring the same amount of passion to the necessary as we do to the fun.

  • We show a willingness to “disagree and commit.”

  • We go above and beyond on the rare occasions when the team recognizes the need.

  • We celebrate team accomplishments.

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