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What software needs can we help you with?

Creating new software

You have a unique problem, so, naturally, you’re looking for a unique solution. One that addresses all of the problems you know you have – and possibly some you have yet to discover. At Mutually Human, we can help you define your problems, decide what type of software is best for you, and create a custom solution.

Updating existing software

You have software that works great for your business … or used to anyway. Now you’re thinking it may be time for an additional set of features. With technology and user’s expectations constantly changing, your software needs to be updated, expanded, and maintained if it is going to remain useful and relevant.

Integrating systems

You may need your software to communicate with each other better or to communicate period. You need to reduce the manual labor involved with your systems. You may need to improve your efficiency by working with one program instead of five. We’ve worked with many clients to help them gain efficiencies with custom software.

Take your first step in your custom software journey.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new custom software solution, want to update and expand your software, or would like to integrate your current systems, we want to help you get started with our free consultation. 

What kind of custom software do we build?

For more than a decade, we’ve helped organizations update and expand their software to better align with their needs and current industry trends. Right now, you might be looking to upgrade from an excel sheet to a custom database. You might want to add features to your software to match your organization’s changing processes. Or maybe your company is growing and you think your software should do the same. Whatever your situation, we can help you renovate your software.

Desktop softwareDesktop software

Web applications Web applications

Mobile applications Mobile applications

Embedded Systems software Embedded Systems software

IoT software IoT software

Cloud software Cloud software

Why work with Mutually Human?

We know our stuff.

Here at Mutually Human, we have a seasoned, capable team with a track record of success— our team has an average 11 years of experience in their discipline and we’ve worked with over 200 organizations since opening in 2006.

We deliver lasting value.

We focus on your overall business goals, which leads us to produce tools that function as a cohesive part of your business.

We think first, code later.

We think critically, ask questions, and don’t stop until we create software that makes your life exponentially easier.

What have other humans said?

“From the initial conversation I had with Mark about my vision and goals, to the first planning session with Mark and Lori, I really enjoyed the collaboration and responsiveness of Mutually Human. The entire process has been seamless and super easy to navigate, even for someone who doesn’t know much of anything about apps! And I have truly enjoyed getting to know the team and feeling understood though the whole process. I would totally recommend Mutually Human to anyone!!”

– Kendra Bylsma, Owner of Allegro Coaching

Custom Software & Application Development Company
Who Needs Custom Technology?

Rare is the company that can get by without computer technology these days, and that includes hardware and software alike. While computing and communications technologies add unparalleled convenience to businesses of every size – from Mom and Pop shops looking to reach local consumers, to multi-national corporations seeking integrated solutions across departments and platforms – making the most of available technologies isn’t always easy.

Why Is Mutually Human The Perfect Solution For Your Business?
At Mutually Human, we understand how difficult it can be to adopt new programs. Although you may have an endless array of options to choose from, finding the one that perfectly suits your needs can seem impossible. In fact, it is impossible, because software is designed to meet generic needs, which can leave you trying to strike a balance between high-priced software that meets your needs but has features you don’t need and won’t use, and lower-cost solutions that don’t entirely deliver, but better suit your budget.

Mutually Human can provide a different option, one that is guaranteed to perfectly suit your organization. We offer custom software development based on your specifications for functionality and your stated business goals. As a business owner, you know what you need and what’s not working for you with off-the-shelf software. Our job is to iron out the kinks and provide the custom solutions that increase convenience, efficiency, profitability, and more, with lasting outcomes.

When you need a custom development company to update existing software, create new software, and/or help you to successfully integrate systems with minimal downtime and interruption to operations, Mutually Human is the partner you’re seeking, and you’ll enjoy several notable benefits along the way.

What Are The Benefits of Custom Software for Your Business?
There are many potential benefits to choosing custom application development company instead of off-the-shelf programs for your business. First, you get tailor-made solutions that work to your precise specifications. You know the needs of your business better than anyone, and when you pair this knowledge with the engineering expertise at Mutually Human, the outcome is custom software that’s a perfect fit for your business.

What are your main concerns? Flexibility and scalability? Security? Employee convenience? An outstanding customer experience interacting with your brand? All of the above? Custom software gives you the opportunity to get something generic software can never deliver – 100% satisfaction from a product designed to do everything you need it to.

The right custom application can cost you up front, but when it increases efficiency, productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction, the many benefits and payoffs will far outweigh the single, initial drawback. As a bonus, you never again have to pay more for features you don’t need that are simply built into generic software. Integration and automation can deliver a seamless transition when you have the support of a custom software company to do the heavy lifting for you.

What Are The Benefits of Partnering with Mutually Human?
There are three main reasons to partner with Mutually Human for your custom development needs. First, we take a cooperative and proactive approach to creating your custom software. We do this by collaborating with you to plan and develop the perfect software solutions before we ever start building them, saving on costly miscommunications.

We also take the time to understand not only the functional, day-to-day needs your software must fulfill, but also your long-term goals. With proper planning, the impact of your custom software can be far-reaching, continuing to deliver added value for the foreseeable future. We want to make this potential a reality so you enjoy lasting results.

Finally, we have the experience you expect from a custom application company, and the commitment to excellence you deserve. Since we opened in 2006, we’ve proudly partnered with over 200 organizations to make their lives easier through custom development, and our team members have an average of 11 years of experience in their discipline, so they’re qualified to make your input actionable and deliver outstanding results.

What Is Our Approach to Application Development?
Some custom software development professionals will try to sell you on technologies you don’t really need and solutions that don’t quite fit. This is not what “custom” is all about, and we’re not on board with pushing technology for its own sake. Technology should fix a problem – it should increase convenience and make your life easier.

Our goal with any custom application is to tailor it precisely to the individual client, improving your operations, working conditions, and customer relationships with your brand. As your partner in custom development, we strive for a human-centered approach that begins with understanding you so we can build the solutions that move your company forward. Mutually Human is here to help today and every day with custom software and ongoing support.

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