Updating an Existing Software Product

Your Software Should Evolve With You.

Your organization, your customers, and your industry are constantly changing. Mutually Human is your partner in ensuring your software grows with you. We recognize that your digital solutions need to remain competitive, up-to-date, and error-free. Our goal is to guide you through the process of updating software products, extending functionalities, modernizing the tech stack and user experience, and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

Stay Competitive and Efficient

Your business is not static; it’s a dynamic force that constantly evolves. Our team of experts are here to ensure your existing solutions remain aligned with your ever-evolving needs, and provide you with a more powerful, adaptive, and responsive solution that propels your business forward.

Functionality Extension

As you diversify and cater to new user needs, functionality extensions breathe new life into your product. By tailoring your software to meet the demands of a shifting market, you ensure your business remains agile and responsive to change.

Bug Fixing and Problem Solving

Addressing problems and bugs is pivotal to maintaining an error-free environment. By doing so, you enhance the user experience, ensuring your solution functions as a dependable ally for your growing business.

Maximize Existing Investment

You already built a valuable foundation. Our team can help evaluate and give you technical recommendations so you can better reach your business goals and leverage as much of your investment as possible. 


Enhanced User Experience

Elevate user experience through software updates that introduce new features, resolve issues, and optimize performance. By keeping your software current with market trends and user expectations, gain a competitive edge that distinguishes your offerings.

Future-Ready Technology

Investing in the latest in cutting-edge software ensures peak performance, heightened security, and positions your business as a leader in the digital landscape.

Cost Efficiency

Updating existing software is often more budget-friendly than building from scratch, maximizing your investment.

Continuity and Stability

Witness the power of continuity. Timely updates fortify your software’s functionality, security, and relevance, ensuring it remains a steadfast pillar of your business operations.

Want to learn more about our technical expertise?

Our broad skillset allows us to use the technology best-suited to meet your individual needs. When we’re acting as an extension to your development team, this means we’re likely already familiar with the tools your team is using.

Ways To Engage

Code Audit

We meticulously inspect your existing software’s codebase to identify inefficiencies, deprecated components, and potential vulnerabilities. This process helps ensure code quality, stability, and lays the groundwork for effective updates.

Security Review

Protect your software and user data. We conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify security risks and vulnerabilities. By addressing potential threats, we enhance the overall security of your software during updates.

UX/UI Evaluation

We analyze your software’s user experience and interface, identifying areas for improvement. By enhancing usability and aesthetics, we ensure your updates resonate positively with your users.

Product Roadmapping

We collaborate to define the scope of updates, prioritize features, and create a strategic plan. This roadmap guides your updates, ensuring they align with your business goals and user needs.

Is your software ready for a refresh?

Connect with us today to embark on the journey of revitalizing your software products. Let’s ensure your digital solutions remain agile, competitive, and aligned with your evolving business needs.