Web applications

We create web applications that look great on any browser and any screen.

A web application is software that is created to run on any device with internet and a web browser. A well-developed app will help your team streamline their work and work effortlessly from whatever device is closest at hand, whether a phone, tablet, or desktop. Web applications can be developed quickly from a narrow blueprint, and then perfected as business tools while new features are tested, reviewed, and added.

Benefits of Web Applications

Web applications are great tools to streamline business processes, allowing you and your team the freedom to work on the go. Our web applications let you to work hassle-free from any device, as well as giving your whole team access at the same time. You can invest in new features as time goes on, without having to invest the time and money before you know if the feature will pay off. Because the app is distributed from a single source, it can always be updated to reflect rule changes.
Serve the widest variety of users

Web applications reach everywhere. You’re not tied to a desk or reliant on a specific mobile device. A well designed web application can be used by all of your users, all of the time.

Standardize Process in Your Organization
Companies that begin with manual processes or coordination with office tools like Excel gain efficiencies and predictability when web applications enforce expectations and standards.
Evolve at Your Own Pace

Web applications make it possible to take small steps that build confidence and validate assumptions along the way. You can invest in new features only after you’re certain there is a payoff.

Scale on Demand

Keep your production costs low when you start and dynamically match costs to opportunity as your reach expands.

Continuously Updated

Because they are centralized and distributed from a single source, you can update a web application any time a business rule changes or a new feature is ready.

Features Commonly Found in Web Applications

Our web applications have all the common features, like apps that work as easily from a phone or tablet, as from a desktop. We make web applications that allow for audio, video, canvas drawing, and PDF generation. While building your web application from behind the scenes, we offer desktop like features such as speed, responsiveness, and fluidity. We make exporting data easy, and offer fully audible logs of changes made.

Responsive Design

When your users demand the flexibility to work as easily from their phone or tablet as they can from their desktop, we’ll build you an app that can respond to those needs.

Mixed Media

Web applications are increasingly rich. Whether you need audio, video, drawing canvases, or generating PDF documents, we’ve done it before and will make your application expressive and rewarding.

Authentication and Authorization
Any complex web application will offer different experiences to different kinds of users. The logic and code to support this can be complex, but we have the skills to help you through it.
Admin Controls

We’ll build the “behind the scenes” features you need to add new users, change the products and services offered, or remove the items that should no longer be visible.

Desktop-like Experience

Web applications are no longer simple pages with text, images and link. Today’s web applications act more like traditional applications launched from your desktop. The speed, responsiveness, and fluidity of these progressive web applications make them a great solution for virtually any platform.

Exporting Data

Although reports and analysis features are part of virtually every web application we build, we know that sometimes there’s no substitute for exporting data so it can be viewed or analyzed in another too. If that’s you, we’ll help you get your data out be it in comma-separated values (CSV), portable document format (PDF), or anything else you need.

Audit Log

For many applications, particularly in the health care and legal fields, you need a fully audible log of what changes were made and by whom.

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Web Application Process

Our process starts with basic user interaction paradigms that allow us to focus on getting a valuable app into user’s hands as quickly as possible. This is why we continuously test the application while developing it, giving you the chance to test all features on staging servers during the process, as well as review and give feedback on the emerging software. We don’t expect software deployment outages, and use industry leading monitoring tools.


We begin with sketches and wireframes designed to get the basic user interaction paradigms worked out. As part of our user-centered design process, these low fidelity tools make it easy to change rapidly and ensure our eventual solution will fit the need.

Design Reviews

As the software we build emerges, you’ll participate actively by reviewing and giving feedback on design concepts before they move to development. You are always in control the look and feel of the experience you and your users will see.

Minimal Viable Product

Your first phase with us won’t be a fully fleshed out implementation of your entire vision. Instead, we’ll work with you to limit scope to ensure we can get something of value in user’s hands as fast as possible. This real world feedback is critical to avoiding doubling down on a mistaken assumption.

Continuous Testing

Having a high quality test suite is essential, but it means nothing if it’s not used. By running an automated test suite continuously as we build your application, we keep regression errors from entering the code base.

Staging & Review

We’ll use staging servers before going to production so you can see and test features before they’re live. Every week, you’ll have a new version to examine and give us feedback on.

No Down-time Deployments

Your business shouldn’t have to suffer outages due to routine software deployments. The overwhelming majority of our releases happen with no interruption to you or your users.

Exception & Availability Monitoring

Although we write code that is robust and guards against errors, there is no such thing as perfect software. We use industry leading exception and monitoring tools that make sure we know of and can get working on any problems as soon as they surface.


We build software to help you achieve your business objectives. Your web application will help you understand how you’re doing with the key performance indicators (KPIs) that define success.

Want to learn more about our technical expertise?

Our broad skillset allows us to use the technology best-suited to meet your individual needs. When we’re acting as an extension to your development team, this means we’re likely already familiar with the tools your team is using.

Our Web Application Capabilities

We follow the gold standard for web application frameworks, building on all the major Javascript frameworks in common use today, and keeping up with the latest trends and features. Our apps feature responsive design, and cross browser support, so your users can use everything from Chrome to Safari. Your database architecture will also match your needs whether you build unorganized documents or structured data. We build, deploy, and constantly monitor our applications for errors.

Ruby on Rails

The gold standard for web application frameworks, Rails’ “convention over configuration” approach means you get battle tested code faster with Rails than with any other option.


Using the same languages on both the client and server makes Node an ideal choice if your team is composed of Javascript experts.

Javascript Frameworks

From Angular to React to Ember to Vue and more, we are experienced with all of the major Javascript frameworks in common use today. When we build on these platforms, you get a traditional application experience within the browser.


The styles and effects within the browser are advancing rapidly. We keep up with the latest trends and features that make it possible for us to give you an app that both works as you want and looks great doing it.

Responsive Design

When your users demand the flexibility to work as easily from their phone or tablet as they can from their desktop, we’ll build you an app that can respond to those needs.

Cross-browser Support

Your users will be using everything from Chrome to Internet Explorer to Edge to Safari. We know how to make your application look and work great on all of them.

Relational and Schema-less Databases

Is your application domain characterized by structured data with relationships that you want to surface? Or are you building documents with little or no consistent organization. Either way, we’ll make sure your database architecture matches your needs.

Deployment & Monitoring

In addition to building your application, we’re ready to deploy it to production, monitor it for errors, and support you if any unforeseen circumstances arise.