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A mature data and analytics program provides stakeholders with the information needed to make the best decisions and is key to all areas of business. Our team of data experts can provide your team with a plan for leveraging business intelligence tools, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Get insights into customer behavior, market dynamics, and internal operations to make better decisions, improve products and gain efficiency.

Here's how we view the analytics journey.

We help clients progress along the data analytics journey with discovery, assessment, and planning services.
An infographic depicting the Data Analytics Journey through the 3 stages of basic reporting, business intelligence, and data science/AI

Take your data analytics program to the next level.

Do you know which of your data practices are helping you, and which are holding you back? Get more out of your data with data analytics. Our team will work with you to understand where you are today, and where you want to be. With Mutually Human, we’ll create an actionable plan to elevate your practices and identify opportunities that will expand your capabilities across data visualization, big data, data science, and artificial intelligence.

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Stay competitive using data analytics

Data analytics is the key to staying competitive in today’s market. Our Data & Analytics services can help you make sense of your data in order to make smart decisions about your business or organization.

Data discovery
Your data journey starts here. We’ll evaluate where data is stored and how it is being used, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide an actionable plan for taking next steps.
Data architecture

All great data analytics programs have good structure. We help identify ways to optimize the flow of information in your data analytics infrastructure.

Business intelligence

With the right business intelligence tools and process, you’ll be able to provide self-service dashboards with actionable information to help make more informed business decisions. Our team can provide implementation services if you are just starting out, or we can assist with scaling if you already have a BI tool.

Artificial intelligence
Guide your future decisions with data. We combine math and statistics, specialized programming, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning with specific subject matter expertise to uncover actionable insights hidden in an organization’s data, and use it to guide decision making and strategic planning.

We've partnered with some great data analytics companies.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A comprehensive cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services such as compute, storage, database, analytics, and more.


A leading data analytics platform that empowers organizations to easily prepare, blend, and analyze data, delivering insights quickly with an intuitive, code-free interface.


A unified analytics platform that helps organizations harness the power of big data by combining data engineering, machine learning, and analytics into a collaborative workspace.

Google Data Studio

A free cloud-based business intelligence and data visualization tool that enables users to create interactive and customizable reports and dashboards from various data sources.

Microsoft Power BI

A business analytics service that provides interactive visualizations and insights to help users analyze data and make informed decisions.

Mozart Data

A data integration platform that enables companies to connect, transform and unify data from various sources for analysis and insights.


A cloud-based data warehousing platform that enables businesses to store, manage, and analyze large amounts of structured and semi-structured data with ease and efficiency.


A data visualization and business intelligence software that allows users to connect, visualize, and share data in a way that enables effective decision-making.