3 Reasons Manufacturers Are Choosing Custom Software

Custom Software is helping many manufacturers meet and exceed their goals and get a leg up on their competitors.  Fully specialized software allows manufacturers to spend less time adjusting their processes to their ill-fitting software tools, and more time producing their goods. Custom software can take many forms in manufacturing, including – Web Applications Mobile […]

The 3 Biggest Problems With Using Spreadsheets For Your Business

Professionals often need a quick and easy way to store and manipulate data, and they almost always reach for the spreadsheet.  Spreadsheets are cost-effective, wildly customizable and the easiest way to get a system or process up and running.  Whether you’re working to gather data for trend analysis, tracking orders, or performing critical calculations, there’s […]

Expand Your Automation With Bot Factories

So, you’ve started your intelligent automation journey by establishing your Center of Excellence (CoE), deployed bots within a single function of your business, and have measured some success with your automation efforts – now what? It’s time to scale with bot factories! This brings up the question: what the heck is a bot factory? Simply […]

Why Building A Center Of Excellence Is The First Step In Your Automation Journey

So you want to introduce Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into your organization but don’t know where to start? The good news is, now more than ever before organizations have the tools to empower technical and non-technical employees alike to create automations and drive adoption and ROI across the business. Scaling the implementation of your RPA […]

How Iterative Development Makes Your Software Better

“Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.” – Nolan Ryan Much like the great pitcher Nolan Ryan, modern software developers have realized that the ability to adapt is the key to success.  It’s great if you […]

Do I need a Website or Web App?  

software and designer are designing mobile application

If you have a business, it is likely you have a website. However, is a website enough?  Or do you actually need a web application? Many people will design a new website with lists and lists of features they want it to have—chat, logins, etc.—without realizing that a web (or mobile) application, as opposed to […]

Knowledge to Revenue: Scaling Your Expertise with Custom Software

Scaling Expertise with Custom Software?

Do you have a business based on your expertise in a certain area? How do you deliver your product or service to clients? Is your business model built for substantial growth? A consultant or an individual with a specialized product or service based on their expertise can easily top out on client numbers because their […]

Century Technology Group Announces Acquisition of Mutually Human

November 17, 2020 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time GRAND RAPIDS—Century Technology Group, a Grand Rapids, MI-based family office, announced today the acquisition of Mutually Human, a leading custom software developer and application solutions provider for a broad spectrum of industries.  Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Mutually Human […]

Web App v. Mobile App – What’s the difference?

Weekend fun at home together. Front view of an African American man sitting in his living room, using a laptop computer and holding mobile phone

A website is a website, right? Even if it’s made into a mobile app? What if it’s a web app? And how does a web app compare to a website? While all these terms sound similar, they describe different technology animals. When most people hear the word “App” they think of the apps they can […]

Stop Trading Your Time for Money with a Custom Digital Experience

woman teaching to cook online

As an entrepreneur and business owner, do you ever run into challenges like: Only being able to take on a small client base. Limited time because of an intense schedule. Restricting your business based on where you can be at a certain time. Not having a laid-out process, because it’s stuck in your head. The […]

How Custom Software Can Help You Engage Your Audience

businessman using laptop

One of the most important concepts in business today is customer engagement. If you want loyal customers that support you as purchasers and by spreading the word about you, you need to engage your audience as much as possible. Custom software helps you take advantage of many possibilities that can increase customer engagement significantly. Custom […]

5 Signs You Have a Customer Engagement Problem

Before the start of online marketing, customer engagement was talking to the regular shopper who stopped by to say, “Hello,” or the complaint letter mailed to a company. The words customer engagement didn’t represent a concept. Today, it’s one of the most important concepts for the success of your business.  Customer engagement involves the relationship […]