Scaling Expertise with Custom Software?

Knowledge to Revenue: Scaling Your Expertise with Custom Software

Do you have a business based on your expertise in a certain area? How do you deliver your product or service to clients? Is your business model built for substantial growth? A consultant or an individual with a specialized product or service based on their expertise can easily top out on client numbers because their time or the product’s viability is limited. The answer to scalability may be developing custom software that overcomes those limits. Let’s talk about scaling your expertise with custom software.

How Does Custom Software Create Scalability?

Let’s explore an example of a life coach that meets with clients one-on-one, either in person or online. The coach dedicates 10 hours a day, 6 days a week to her business, and her schedule is full. How can she grow the business without working more hours or hiring and training other coaches that will work for her? This life coach, along with many other expert-based business owners, should consider custom software to open the possibility of growth.

For the Life Coach, the right custom software application can increase the number of customers she can reach with her marketing efforts and can serve once they sign on. The same success is possible for many others trying to share their knowledge with many people. Custom software provides the platform on which to share expertise in a way that creates an optimal customer experience by allowing experts to productize their knowledge. Custom design can create unique experiences based on your products and services without the limits of individual delivery of services and off-the-shelf solutions.

What Could This Look Like?

It could include a way to share knowledge like: 

– A collection of videos or other content

– An online class

– Answering questions and serving content based on answers

But, still retain a personal touch with:

– A messaging platform

– Scheduling 1-1 calls

– Discussion boards

Is Custom Software an Affordable Option?

The cost of custom software development varies depending on the requirements. Certainly, it will cost a significant amount. That doesn’t mean it’s not affordable when you consider two important points. First, an expert with an idea can bleed cash slowly over time while trying to expand the business. The piecemeal expenditures may be larger than the custom application development expense, especially when considering point number two, the return on investment. ROI can be much greater on custom software that expands your business further and faster than a non-tech solution is able.

On its first iteration, new custom software doesn’t have to contain every bell and whistle imaginable. A software consultant working with the business owner can determine the starting point needed to attract customers to the product and to offer a satisfying customer experience while minimizing the upfront investment. Later, when the revenue is flowing steadily, additional features and functionality can be added.

Are There Other Options than Scaling Expertise with Custom Software?

Custom software isn’t always the answer to scalability. Sometimes, an expert isn’t ready for a custom solution or can meet their business needs with other types of solutions. The life coach, for example, could run group sessions on Zoom or might develop a course and load it onto an existing course platform such as Udemy or Skillshare. She could write a book and receive payments through a resource such as Patreon, trading chapters for funding, and, as a result, building a community of followers. A good software business consultant helps expert-based entrepreneurs determine if a custom application is the best way to proceed.

What’s the First Step to Scaling Expertise with Custom Software?

You may be an expert in finance, nutrition, process management, or any number of things but if you’re not a custom software development expert, start by consulting one. At Mutually Human, we’ll be happy to talk with you about scaling your business and whether a custom software solution is the right one for you. We’ll help you to turn your knowledge into greater revenue.

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