Determining Feasibility of an Idea

Illuminate the path from idea to reality.

Do you have a great idea for a website, app, or mobile platform, but not sure where to start? The journey of crafting a digital masterpiece begins with identifying a solid concept. Mutually Human can be your compass, guiding you through the uncharted territory of idea assessment, user research, technical viability, and prototype creation. Let’s shape your concept into a robust plan together.

Our Approach To Custom Software

Have an idea for an app?
Your Business Challenges, Our Expertise.

Our team of experts has years of experience translating more nebulous ideas into implementable plans. We are here to offer a helping hand, armed with tools like user research, proof of concepts, product roadmapping, and wireframes. Together, we will uncover the feasibility of your concept, equipping you with the insights necessary to make well-informed decisions. A meticulously crafted plan is the key to unlocking the full potential of your idea, and we’re here to serve as your dedicated partners on this exciting journey.


Informed Decision Making

Arm yourself with the information needed to chart the right course while considering the cost to value ratio. We can provide insights on alternative solutions, allowing you to solve your same challenges while saving money.

Risk Mitigation

You want to identify potential challenges and risks early. We equip you with effective strategies to sail smoothly through the project lifecycle.

Improve Efficiency
Time is money, as the saying goes. Meticulous planning stemming from feasibility assessments ensures that resources are channeled precisely, preventing wastage on endeavors that may not yield fruit.
Improved Project Outcomes
When you start with a clear roadmap, you ensure that every development effort aligns with your vision, enhancing the probability of project success.

Want to learn more about our technical expertise?

Our broad skillset allows us to use the technology best-suited to meet your individual needs. When we’re acting as an extension to your development team, this means we’re likely already familiar with the tools your team is using.

Here’s What We Can Do To Help

Strategy & Planning

Our immersive sessions are designed to unearth the core aspects of your software idea. Through brainstorming, discussions, and interactive exercises, we help you refine your concept, identify potential challenges, and map out an initial plan for development.

A successful software product requires a solid strategy. Together we can craft a roadmap that outlines the journey from concept to execution. We define the scope, features, and development phases, ensuring that your software aligns with your business goals and market demands.

Concepts & Demos

We create prototypes and mockups that bring your vision to life, allowing you to see how your software might look and function. These tangible representations help you validate your idea, gather feedback, and make informed decisions before investing further. 

Research & Validation

Understanding your users is paramount. We can help you dive deeper into the preferences, needs, and behaviors of your target audience. By conducting surveys, interviews, and usability testing, we provide valuable insights that shape your software’s features, ensuring it aligns with user expectations.

Get a comprehensive analysis of the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of your software idea. Our experts evaluate the usability, navigation, and overall feel of your concept, helping you identify areas of improvement and refining your idea for optimal user engagement.

Ready to transform your ideas into actionable plans and successful projects?

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