How to: Support Users After Launching Your Custom App

Providing support can be a scary topic for companies. It’s the one most of our clients are nervous about as they prepare to roll out a new tool, software product or custom app. But the thing that many of our clients, including Become Unmistakeable, have found is that, with a well-built product, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. 

Which is great news for  Danielle Bouwhuis since she is the one-person support team for Become Unmistakeable! (Don’t worry. She has some backup if needed.) 

“Our customers don’t have a lot of issues since our tool is built so well and built with the user in mind,” she says. “It’s a very intuitive product for users.”

Mark Van Holstyn, president of Mutually Human, also has experienced customer’s apprehension around providing support for a new app or piece of software.

“There’s a lot of nervousness around providing support during the process of building an app or tool. It’s a big, scary part. But it can be a pretty painless part of the process,” he says.

So, how do you effectively support those using your custom app?

Make Your Custom App Simple and Intuitive

The key to minimizing the support you need to provide is to design and build your product in such a way that using it is simple and intuitive for your customers. The easier it is to navigate and the more comprehensive your training, the less support you will need to provide for the end product. 

Partner with a Trusted Team of Experts

However, it is important to know when to escalate an issue should one come up. That’s the key to Danielle’s ability to provide amazing support: knowing her limits. 

“I know my skills and what the tool can do very well so I know what I can do to provide support. But when I’m stuck, I know I can email or text Mark and Mutually Human to get help. It’s been very effective,” she says. 

A good development partner will always be there to help you troubleshoot problems, even if it’s something as simple as a typo in an email address that no one caught or working with a company’s IT department to make sure the emails from your automated system are whitelisted in their email program.  

Blend Efficiency with Personal Touch

As with everything Become Unmistakeable does, their philosophy to providing support is to be fast, be efficient, and, overall, be personal. The personal touch is the key to making sure you keep your customers happy and turn them into raving fans.  

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