Why Simple Software is the Future

Software. We may think of it as programming code and operating information that allows us to complete multiple, complex tasks. Imagine the software needed to operate the logistics of a large trucking company or to manage the data of big financial institutions. On the other hand, some software is much less complex and focused on narrower tasks. While these simple programs perform their intended purposes expertly, some can become customizable, expandable platforms that can accomplish much more involved processes. Let’s explore a few of these interesting applications of simple software options that could prove to provide new, unexpected services in the future.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the risks has been using traditional menus, since they require sterilization after each use. Velox allows you to create a digital menu that’s accessible by a QR code. It’s easy, fast, and convenient for consumers to use.  All they have to do is scan the QR code and they will be taken immediately to the menu. Even without a pandemic, this allows restaurants to save on printing costs, make changes to their menu without any cost, and increase the productivity of the staff by eliminating the work of managing physical menus.

For the intended use, it fills a niche and fills it well. What else could be done with a program like Velox? Think about all the information that can be accessed through a QR code. QR codes can link to websites. Payments can be made through QR codes. The possibilities for customizing and expanding on this simple, narrowly-focused application are practically endless.


We’ve all been there, trying to create a multi-media presentation, e-learning module, how-to article or blog post, or some application that would benefit from appropriate video and images. In walks Storyblocks with unlimited stock video, audio clip, images, vectors, and illustrations available for a membership fee. Individuals can buy-in to complete their work tasks and hobbies using Storyblocks, and business managers can get memberships for their organizations.

There’s a world of user applications for Storyblocks as is. What can the platform do, if customized, other than offer stock media? Something parallel is easy to imagine: Anything that’s downloadable and can operate on a membership subscription would fit. Something completely different takes more thought. What are your ideas?


Do you have to teach courses on the Teachable platform? Originally, Teachable was designed to allow anyone to build courses online. Now, it can do much in support of that purpose. You can conduct personal coaching sessions online through Teachable. You can make sales on it. You can track data, work with a team, and integrate it with software programs that help you build your business. Teachable has many of the features that make a variety of businesses successful.

Many people have built entire businesses around their Teachable content. Surely, this can be expanded further. Can you imagine attending a Teachable conference? Using Teachable as a school’s online learning program? If the features weren’t aimed solely at online courses and coaching, where could you take Teachable? Undoubtedly, a smart business person could imagine several unforeseen uses for it.

Endless Possibilities for Simple Software

Velox, Storyblocks, and Teachable are just three examples of niche-focused, simple software that have the potential to expand into more niches than originally intended. Programmers and users don’t always have to think about starting from scratch to complete their tasks. They can look into tools that we use, think differently about how we can use them, and customize them to save time and money while creating beautifully simple, effective solutions to modern business problems.

Many times using these focused, off the shelf software tools can help you get your business idea up and running quickly and on a low budget. It’s also possible that the tools you use will be able to scale and grow with your business

However, as you continue to evolve your business, you may reach a time where your business and services have become so unique that you need software that is tailored for your specific needs. Knowing when that time comes can be a bit difficult, so if you ever want to chat, schedule a free consultation.

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