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We create cloud software that scales as you do

Over the last decade, the way modern software is deployed and managed has undergone a dramatic transformation. For most, gone are the days where you provisioned physical hardware and hired large operations staff to manage it all. Instead, custom software is now deployed to the cloud, with much of the underlying complexity handled by the platform provider. But even though the process is far simpler than it used to be, you still need a partner who knows how to configure that platform and help your business get the most value for your investment. At Mutually Human, we’ve been making cloud hosted software for years. We’re ready to help you on that same journey.

Benefits of Cloud Software

Software deployed on a hosted platform vendor became exceedingly popular thanks to the advantages it offers. Scale up and down to meet demand with ease. Get all of your users on the latest and greatest with a single deployment. Save money on operational costs by taking advantages of economies of scale. And unlock even more features and value for your users by tapping into the ever growing set of services designed for cloud applications.

Easy Scaling

Cloud applications are deployed on virtual, rather than physical servers. Getting extra capacity to supply higher demand happens with the push of a button.

Immediate updates

Applications hosted in the cloud are centralized. Unlike desktop software that requires a sophisticated rollout strategy that takes days, weeks, or months to complete, cloud software is updated instantaneously.


Cloud hosting providers automate many of the operations and administrative tasks that come with running a server. Security updates are applied automatically. System software is kept up to date. Backups are built in. Using cloud software means sleeping easier.

Rich ecosystems

Cloud applications can take advantage of a huge number of third party services that provide features and enhancements that would tremendous time and resources to develop independently.

Features Commonly Found in Cloud Software

It is a rare occurrence today to find an application that does not take advantage of cloud features in some way. Said different, all kinds of software are well suited to being hosted on a cloud platform. Whether you are building web apps or mobile apps and whether your domain is automation, machine learning, data science, or many other applications, making use of a scalable, robust cloud based platform is likely a great choice.

Single Page and Rich Web Apps

Pure web applications, regardless of how they are architected, are deployed to a platform provider in the cloud.

Mobile Apps

While mobile apps, by definition, run on a phone or tablet, they very frequently also rely on a back end component that is hosted in the cloud.


Applications can make themselves more useful by exposing automation features. With a cloud based application, having API endpoints that enable users to accomplish individual tasks makes your solution more powerful.

Machine Learning

Whether you are developing new AI algorithms or applying existing models, having access to the kind of elastic compute power available in a cloud platform is essential.

Big Data

Applications that consume, process, and analyze huge volumes of data to glean business insights need large databases and a flexible worker process architecture. Having those things hosted in the cloud is an effective solution.

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Cloud Software Process

Software that is hosted in the cloud benefits from the same kinds of agile practices that any software does. When you work with Mutually Human, we’ll help you reduce risk by front-loading activities that are designed to root out uncertainty. As your vision and feature set solidifies and matures, we’ll help you take advantage of the disciplined engineering and design practices that result in a reliable application that both accomplishes your business objectives and solves your user’s problems and needs.


We begin with sketches and wireframes designed to get the basic user interaction paradigms worked out. As part of our user-centered design process, these low fidelity tools make it easy to change rapidly and ensure our eventual solution will fit the need. 

Design Reviews

As the software we build emerges, you’ll participate actively by reviewing and giving feedback on design concepts before they move to development. You are always in control the look and feel of the experience you and your users will see. 

Minimal Viable Product

Your first phase with us won’t be a fully fleshed out implementation of your entire vision. Instead, we’ll work with you to limit scope to ensure we can get something of value in user’s hands as fast as possible. This real world feedback is critical to avoiding doubling down on a mistaken assumption. 

Continuous Testing

Having a high quality test suite is essential, but it means nothing if it’s not used. By running an automated test suite continuously as we build your application, we keep regression errors from entering the code base. 

Staging & Review

We’ll use staging servers before going to production so you can see and test features before they’re live. Every week, you’ll have a new version to examine and give us feedback on. 

No Down-time Deployments

Your business shouldn’t have to suffer outages due to routine software deployments. The overwhelming majority of our releases happen with no interruption to you or your users. 

Exception & Availability Monitoring

Although we write code that is robust and guards against errors, there is no such thing as perfect software. We use industry leading exception and monitoring tools that make sure we know of and can get working on any problems as soon as they surface. 


We build software to help you achieve your business objectives. Your web application will help you understand how you’re doing with the key performance indicators (KPIs) that define success. 

Want to learn more about our technical expertise?

Our broad skillset allows us to use the technology best-suited to meet your individual needs. When we’re acting as an extension to your development team, this means we’re likely already familiar with the tools your team is using.

Our Cloud Software Capabilities

You don’t have to be an expert at modern cloud platforms to have your business gain the advantages of using them. We have the experience to help guide you to the right solution that fits your needs for everything from the big strategic architecture to the small details that make it all work.


Mutually Human can help you host your app on a variety of services, from AWS to Heroku to Azure to Firebase, Hadoop and more.

Containerized Deployments

Gain predictability and consistency by letting us help you deploy your code inside container environments like Docker.


If your app is best structured as a set of micro-services or independently orchestrated functions, we will assist with deployment to serverless environments such as AWS Lambda.

Automated scaling

Cloud computing makes it possible to only pay for the amount of compute power you need. To take advantage of that, we’ll help automate the process of increasing and decreasing capacity based on real-time demand.

Application Development

Cloud software is still software. Even though much or all of your app runs in the cloud, it is ultimately there to serve your business goals. We will help you build that web or mobile app that turns the advantages of the cloud into your advantages.